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Organizational History

Sparkle Center for the Arts and Computer Literacy is located in the heart of Fairfield, Alabama, serving youth in Jefferson County for the past 31 years.  We are located at 4301 Gary Avenue.  Sparkle provides a year round cultural and performing arts program, a computer base after school program throughout the school year, transportation from local schools to the center, a full 10-week summer camp program, holiday camps, and a week long cultural, academic and performances spring break tour and a four day teens retreat. The mission of Sparkle Theatre Productions is to provide positive guidance and options for the future well-being to students of all ages through cultural, performing art and computer technology. Design to develop skills to enhance visual-spatial, musical, verbal, logical/mathematical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and bodily-kinesthetic.

 The center offers an array of opportunities from dance, theatre, visual art, computer skills, etiquette, tutoring, homework assistance, field trips to local performances and exhibits, performance/production opportunities, a library and graduated levels of computer literacy training. 

Volunteers and parents help make all of Sparkle’s activities possible.  Volunteers with special interests and knowledge offer designed trainings and classes to the students.  In the past we have had hiking, mountain climbing, bike excursions, poetry / art appreciations and readings, classical ballet classes and gymnastic.  Other volunteers help with chaperoning needs and providing academic assistance/tutoring.  Additionally, our peer mentoring program consists of high school, college students and young adults who have returned to share their experience, knowledge and training. From the varying interests and skills of our volunteers, we always have a fresh variety of opportunities to offer in addition to our core schedule.  Sparkle’s programs offer a diverse and unique enhanced experience combining the performing arts, academic assistance and computer literacy components as doorways fostering student creativity.

Sparkle has been serving school age children K-12 with after school and school break activities for the past 18 years. Our program target but is not limited to; students with low grades, low self-esteem, single/low income families, problem students from communities through out Jefferson County.  Sparkle uses stage and screen (computer screens) to support, teach and spur children to excel in a supervised, structured environment.  We recognize there are many talented youth in our area without many opportunities that allow them to nurture their talent; challenge there minds; and showcases their ability. Sparkle is designed to do just that.


Sparkle’s aim is to offer positive performing and cultural art as an alternative to students, both male and female who, broadly representing the socio-economic and ethnic diversity of people in the community, through a multidisciplinary program. In a very literal since we hope to:

  1. Open the door of opportunity for all young people to achieve something positive and constructive through the performing arts and computer science.

  2. Provide a training ground for students to develop their physical activities through   dance techniques and improving their academic and computers skills.

  3. Foster the communication within the community between adults and their youth, by serving as an outlet for adult volunteers and other community organizations to successfully interact and appreciate each other.

To show case students talents and inform the community about the important role performing arts play in our children, families and communities life through performances and involvement.

'The Arts are a universal language and we should do everything we can to protect them.'







 SparkleLearningCenter IN MEMORY Gulf Goast 2012 Art Module Archive Ography III

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